Baylor was recently featured on and discussed productivity tips, bad career advice, and shared his morning routine.


Here’s an excerpt:

What is something you wish you would’ve realized earlier in your life?

Personal happiness can never be found by chasing the expectations or trying to live out the dreams that others have for your life. You have to chase whatever it is that truly inspires you.

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

As a speaker in the realm of mental health and motivation, I hate when people say “Stay positive, hope for the best, and it will all work out.” This suggests that positivity alone will solve problems. Positivity isn’t a strategy. Hope isn’t a strategy either. In order to change any situation in life, you have to plan and execute. Yes, it’s important to do so with an optimistic mindset, but you have to be willing to make it happen, not just “hope” life will change.


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