A Letter from a Special Person

I used to sit on my couch and think to myself, “man if someone just believed in me, I could really be something special.”  I assumed that my “big break” was in the hands of someone else and if someone would just give me the opportunity of a lifetime, my whole life would change. But that never happened.  No one gave me the winning lottery ticket and Oprah never invited me to sit on her ...

2022-02-15T17:19:46-06:00February 1, 2017|Motivation, The Winning Way|

How online selling is hurting future leaders

When I was younger, I played Little League Baseball and every year we had to participate in an annual fundraiser which consisted of selling those  almond chocolate bars, commonly used for fundraising, to everyone we knew. There were prizes for the different monetary levels you achieved in selling. I’m not really sure if anyone ever ate those overpriced bars. Regardless, I was still determined to get the best prize. I knew that the other kids ...

2022-02-15T17:22:28-06:00January 18, 2017|Leadership, The Winning Way|


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