I’m privileged to be able to speak to some of the top companies, universities, and athletic teams in the country.  No matter the venue or needs of the success-driven audience I’m speaking with, the question that needs solved is usually this:

How do we build (or continue building) a winning culture?

That’s precisely what I’m in the business of doing – building winning cultures by instilling winning mindsets in teams and creating great leaders to drive them.  I’m always looking for ways to push myself so that I can continually deliver great results to my clients and myself.

As with life, often the answers we’re looking for are sitting right in front of us.

Today I graciously received a package from the good people at Chocolate Milk.  I’m an avid believer in the health benefits of Chocolate Milk when it comes to workouts and races and it was exciting to get a swag bag from them, but as I sat there and thought about it, I also realized there are some valuable lessons that can be derived from chocolate milk.

Whether you’re an individual goal-setter or an athlete or a company looking to improve, here are some tips for success – the Chocolate Milk Way.

  1. Build it

As I stared at the Chocolate milk logo towel, the slogan “Build it” caught my attention. The first step in any successful venture is the building process.  First, Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I trying to build or accomplish?
  • How do I plan to accomplish this?
  • What is my deadline for reaching the goal?
  • (and most importantly) What am I willing To DO to build my dream?

The last one is the hardest.  Often we know the what, when, why, and how of our goals but when it comes to the willingness to do what it takes to succeed –  we get off track.

  1. Begin with the End in Mind

One of the biggest mistakes I see companies make is they don’t think about the end goal.  With individuals in my goal setting courses, most don’t think about what they will do when they reach the goal.  You have to know why you are building your dream.  If you don’t know why or what the point of accomplishing something is, you’ll lose focus and probably won’t complete it.  Your end goal should become so vivid and clear in your mind that it becomes impossible to stop you from attaining it.

There are several studies on the importance of visualization as it pertains to the increased likelihood of success.  Are you working to provide for your family’s benefit? Are you setting goals to put yourself in a better position in life? Are you enduring grueling workouts because you’re thinking about an upcoming race that you’re training to win in?

Having an end goal in mind propels you to the finish line.  I can’t tell you how many times in a race or incredibly hot long run that the mere thought of finishing just so I could sit down somewhere cool, enjoy a glass of chocolate milk, and be thankful that I’m not still working out – propelled me to reach the finish line faster.  I do so because I know that the chocolate milk is going to help me recover quicker so that I can perform optimally every day. That, in turn, helps me to reach my peak level of performance in athletics, business, and life.

It may seem funny to you, but if you find a strong enough purpose for what you’re doing and visualize it at the finish line or goal of whatever you’re trying to build, you’ll undoubtedly reach it.

  1. Believe in yourself and Enjoy the Journey

It’s supposed to be fun.  The pursuit of any goal really should be fun.  Yes, there will be tough days and setbacks.  But the process should be fun.  It’s not an “I have to,” it’s an “I get to” mindset that will give you fulfillment in your pursuits.  People want to be around people who are having fun.  When you enjoy what you do, you attract others who enjoy it too.  Together, you become an unstoppable force. That’s how you grow, that’s how you get noticed, that’s how you succeed.

I don’t personally know the good people at chocolate milk, but I know they’re passionate and believe in the benefits of Chocolate Milk on athletes.  They believe in it so much that they sent me a gift bag for believing in it too.  Their consistent believe has helped me to believe in it so much that I’m inspired to write this blog to help you catch your dreams and achieve your goals.  Consequently, it is my hope that you’ll now believe in yourself enough to get off the couch and go do build something epic!

Do you see the chain reaction caused by passionately advocating what you believe in? Get off the couch, go chase that “crazy idea” or “big dream” that you’ve always wanted.  Follow these tips and you’ll definitely reach your peak!

And when you’re celebrating, enjoy a nice glass of low-fat chocolate milk ;)

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