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Ep. 872: Why Should We Embrace Challenges and Adversities?

In this podcast, Baylor encourages listeners to approach the upcoming week with a positive mindset. He shares a story about a young boy's perspective on hard work and reflects on the power of naivete and lack of limitations. Baylor emphasizes the importance of questioning why we do certain things and not being afraid to challenge inefficient processes or toxic relationships. He urges listeners to let go of things that weigh them down and focus on what truly matters. Baylor also ...

By |September 18, 2023|

Ep. 871: Unleashing Your Inner Supporter: Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan

In this episode, Baylor discusses the importance of supporting oneself and investing time in personal growth. He questions why people often prioritize supporting others over themselves and encourages listeners to evaluate how they spend their time and energy. Baylor Barbee shares a video of fans waiting in the rain for a Drake concert, using it as an example of how people often prioritize someone else's dreams over their own. He challenges listeners to become the person who would stand in ...

By |September 15, 2023|

Ep. 870: Overcoming Career Frustration

In this episode, Basylor discusses the feeling of being stuck in one's career and not knowing what to do next. He shares his personal experience and believes that many people find themselves in unfulfilling jobs due to various reasons. Baylor encourages listeners to reflect on their next steps and wholeheartedly commit to their desired career path. He emphasizes the importance of immersing oneself in the desired career, constantly seeking improvement, and having a positive mindset. Baylor also suggests networking and ...

By |September 14, 2023|

Ep. 869: The Power of Emptiness: Transforming Blank Days into Creative Breakthroughs

In this episode, Baylor emphasizes the value of time and encourages listeners to appreciate the luxury of having moments to think. Baylor advises against forcing creativity and instead suggests embracing the blank page as a canvas for new opportunities. He believes that these moments of emptiness are the beginnings of masterpieces waiting to be created. By combining time, personal experience, and knowledge, individuals can start putting their ideas into action and bring their visions to life. Overall, Baylor encourages listeners ...

By |September 13, 2023|

Ep. 868: Is the Big Play Overrated?

In this episode, Baylor challenges the notion that big plays are overrated. He uses examples from sports, such as Michael Jordan's limited number of game-winning shots, to highlight the importance of consistency in achieving greatness. Baylor extends this concept to the business world, referencing the story of the FedEx guy who won big in Vegas. He argues that while these stories are celebrated, it's the daily performances and consistent actions that truly make a difference. Baylor advises listeners to prioritize ...

By |September 12, 2023|

Ep. 867: How can trial and error lead to success?

In this epidose, Baylor discusses the significance of trial and error in achieving success. He emphasizes that no one starts off as a natural and that proficiency takes time and effort. Baylor encourages listeners to appreciate and respect the skills of others, viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth. He also highlights the importance of surrounding oneself with driven individuals and suggests using a plus or minus system to evaluate daily performance. By embracing trial and error, seeking inspiration from others, ...

By |September 11, 2023|

Ep. 866: Spider Vision and Attacking the Unknown

In this episode, Baylor discusses the classic nursey rhyme "itsy bitsy spider."  Though it's a parable, the lessons can be applied to our lives as we pursue growth opportunities.  Baylor ultimately helps listeners to embrace the unkown and understand that help is always available.

By |September 8, 2023|

Ep. 865: Non-Negotiables, Needs, & Aspirations

In this episode, Baylor discusses the Riders, or list of requirements that entertainers have for travel and stage, and how we can look at the riders of our lives.  He suggests we lump out personal growth pyramind into three categories, non-negotiables, needs, and aspirations.  He ultimatelly concludes, that by setting new standards, we move up our pyramid and improve our lives and careers.

By |September 7, 2023|

Ep. 864: Are you a “get it done” or a “woe is me” person?

In this episode, Baylor discusses the two types of people when it comes to personal growth: the "get it done" individuals and the "woe is me" individuals. He emphasizes the importance of simplifying life and making simple decisions and actions that can lead to monumental results. Baylor encourages listeners to assess themselves and determine whether they are a "get it done" or a "woe is me" person. He also highlights the significance of the energy individuals put out into the ...

By |September 6, 2023|

Ep. 863: Are you settling for “almost” in your life?

In this episode, Baylor discusses the dangers of being an "almost" person and settling for mediocrity in life. He emphasizes the negative impact of the "almost" mentality on personal growth and encourages listeners to eliminate it from their vocabulary and actions. Baylor urges listeners to identify areas in their lives where they are settling for "almost" and to strive for excellence instead. He highlights the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from finishing tasks and projects, and encourages listeners to make ...

By |September 5, 2023|


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