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SHARK THEORY PODCAST2022-02-24T07:40:38-06:00

Ep. 341: Reliability

A recent inquiry into why basketball shoes aren't high tops anymore led me to learn alot about reliability. In this episode, we'll discuss: The downside of relying on outside forces Developing self reliance Assistance not crutches

By |August 11, 2022|

Ep. 640: Butterflies

While having dinner with my good friend Jeanie Marten recently, we discussed our respective trips to Peru and the showed me pictures of some of the Butterflies she saw on her trip.... and the butterflies inspired me. In this episode, we'll discuss: How to communicate who you are Using what sets you apart to bring beauty to the world How to play Big in Life

By |August 10, 2022|

Ep. 639: A Tale of Two Homeless

At a busy intersection in Dallas, I witnessed two homeless men with two different techniques.  We can learn from one of them. In this episode, we'll discuss: There's always an opportunity Why your demeanor matters Helping others when you're at your lowest

By |August 9, 2022|

Ep. 638: Super Powers

We all have intangible talents inside of us that serve as our Super Powers if we hone and develop them.  A recent conversation with my good buddy Ken Callahan, and an act of kindness from him, reaffirmed that. In this episode, we'll discuss: Identifying your power Growing your Power Aligning with others

By |August 8, 2022|

Ep. 637: Location Matters

As a speaker, I get the opportunity to speak in some really cool venues.  However, yesterday I walked into the venue I was to speak at and my jaw dropped at it's beatuy.  The venue alone made me want to step my game up.  We should all have an area that allows us to elevate our performance. In this episode, we'll discuss: Going where you feel most powerful Becoming your own sanctuary Testing New Waters

By |August 5, 2022|

Ep. 636: Almost Done

The marathon used to be 25 miles until the queen of England changed it to 26.2 during 1908 Olympics so she could see the end.  I think about that extra 1.2 miles every run and what it means to be "almost done" with a task or goal. In this episode, we'll discuss: Reframing the last phase of a goal Kicking it into another gear Celebrating your work

By |August 4, 2022|

Ep. 635: What’s So Funny?

Life is hilarious if you think about it.  There is so much humor in most situations and if we learn to spot the humor, there are physical and mental benefits that can aid in our growth personally and professionally. In this episode, we'll discuss: The health benefits of Laughter Finding your source of laughter The man in the mirror How to insulate yourself from negativity

By |August 3, 2022|

Ep. 634: Do you Believe in You

If you believe in yourself, then you'll never have to say no one believed in you.  Today, I discuss how believing in myself paid off and what you can do to develop that belief muscle. In this episode, we'll discuss: Staying in the Fight Doing whatever it takes Never losing the vision

By |August 2, 2022|

Ep. 633: Great Leader

Welcome back, it's going to be a great fall on Shark Theory, focused on honing our self-leadership skills.  Today I got to revisit Holland Elementary on their first day of school, (the school I got a chance to serve as honorary principal for a day last spring).  I shadowed Principal McDonald and learned a lot. In this episode, we'll discuss: The Mark of Great Leadership The importance of Sweat Promoting Excellence

By |August 1, 2022|

Ep. 632: Good Day

I decided today is going to be a "good" Friday.  Everyday can be.  Today we discuss how. In this episode, we'll discuss: What is a Good Day? The question you should ask yourself The art of Laughter

By |July 1, 2022|


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