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Ep. 713: Put it on the Calendar

I haven't raced in a while, and like anything, if you don't do something for long enough it gets easy to never get back into it.  Yesterday, I had a planning session to map out and sign up for various 2023 marathons and triathlons.  Simply by signing the dotted line, the passion came back.  The workouts now have purpose...and the same can be true for you by putting something on your calendar TODAY. In this episode, we'll discuss: Quit living ...

By |January 26, 2023|

Ep. 712: Prenups

I always thought a prenup was just for people who got married and didn't think it was going to work out.  However, my great friend Tyler Berger, who has a company called Prenup Specialist, helped clear my false assumptions about Prenups and in doing so helped me consider other false assumptions I had in life. In this episode, we'll discuss: The danger of unchallenged assumptions Why leaders should protect all involved Clear Cut Expectations

By |January 25, 2023|

Ep. 711: Cold Plunge

As a speaker and author on the topics of adversity and opportunity, I always seek to find a link between the two.  A recent visit to SweatHouz to visit the Infrared Sauna and Cold Plunge offered insight into how we can turn adversity into opportunity. In this episode, we'll discuss: Creating experience through energy Viewing life from the inside out instead of the outside in How to attack adversity

By |January 24, 2023|

Ep. 710: HoneyBuns

I've always loved Honey Buns (shhh, don't tell my nutritionist), but a recent experience involving honey buns and my friend Mike Salerno taught me a lot about Success. In this episode, we'll discuss: Going out of our way for someone How to Pay Attention The secret trait of the ultra successful

By |January 23, 2023|

Ep. 709: Does it Work for You?

A common friendly argument I often have with my friends is over which brand of Golf Clubs is best? Obviously, most are similar, but it's fun to argue about.  Ultimately in golf, and life, the answer to "what's best" comes down to "what works." In this episode, we'll discuss: The right feeling Success based on successful recipes Eliminating Bias It's your choice

By |January 20, 2023|

Ep. 708: Long Life

If I were into shock titles, I would have named this "How to avoid a long life," however that has a negative connotation, but an impactful meaning. In this episode, we'll discuss: Identifying long aspects of our days How to shorten your day Maximizing Life by eliminating dead time

By |January 19, 2023|

Ep. 707: Never Better

At church the other day during, "great your neighbor," an elderly man responded to my "how are you" question in such a manner that I instantly wanted to know his life story.  His answer is based in a mentality we can all develop to become more magnetic to opportunity. In this episode, we'll discuss: How our aura affects our lives The three types of People How to graduate to "never better"

By |January 18, 2023|

Ep. 706: Loyalty

Today we discuss an incident that happened when I played football at Baylor University, and the decade's long lesson it taught me about loyalty. In this episode, we'll discuss: Would you recommend yourself? The litmus test of loyalty How to develop loyal habits

By |January 17, 2023|

Ep. 705: Quitter’s Day

4000 Years ago the ancient Babylonians came up with "national quit day" to address those who started resolutions and failed to execute.  They also did so to help others restart and achieve the goals.  Today in America, 80% of people will have given up on their goals for the year, don't be one of them. In this episode, we'll discuss: Recommitting Yourself Plus/Minus actions Doing what's boring

By |January 13, 2023|

Ep. 704: Go Bananas

Everytime I buy bananas, I do so with the false belief that I'm actually going to eat them all.  If you're like me, you eat one then watch them turn "bad." But I learned that overripe bananas offer the most benefits... In this episode, we'll discuss: Being not ripe enough to win (and what you can learn from failure) Why we SHOULD judge a banana by it's peel Why it's never "too late"

By |January 12, 2023|


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