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Ep. 799: Appreciating the Present Moment While Striving for Improvement: Lessons from the Senior PGA Championship

In this episode, Baylor reflects on his experience attending the Senior PGA Championship and the importance of being present in the moment. He encourages listeners to appreciate their surroundings and seek out those who excel in their field to learn from them. Baylor also discusses the concept of performing well on one's worst day and finding one's own lens to view the world through. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on one's weaknesses and striving to improve in order to ...

By |June 1, 2023|

Ep. 798: “Unleashing Your Inner Champion”: How to Manage Your Emotions and Overcome Adversity Like a Pro

In this episode, Baylor discusses the duration of emotions and how to manage them. The speaker emphasizes that emotions last for 90 seconds and after that, it's just rumination. He encourages listeners to examine their negative emotions and understand that just because they feel a certain way, it doesn't mean it's accurate. Baylor uses the analogy of running a marathon to illustrate the importance of taking small steps and facing our fears to overcome mental blocks. They also discuss the ...

By |May 31, 2023|

Ep. 797: Why Rushing Through Things Will Leave You Desk-pressed: A Guide to Doing It Right

In this episode, Baylorshares a personal experience of building a desk and struggling due to not following instructions and using inadequate tools. He emphasizes the importance of seeking advice from mentors who have achieved success in areas one wants to pursue and using efficient tools to achieve goals. baylor also encourages listeners to take their time and do things right to avoid mistakes and achieve success. The episode concludes with advice to appreciate one's work and be proud of accomplishments, ...

By |May 30, 2023|

Ep. 796: Don’t Be a Slave to Metrics: How to Enjoy Life and Work Again

In this episode of Shark Theory, Baylor talks about finding enjoyment in life and work by being present in the moment and discovering new opportunities. He shares his personal experience of going on walks without focusing on metrics and how it helped him enjoy the activity more and achieve better results. He encourages listeners to reflect on when they last enjoyed their work or life and what they can do to get back to that stage. He also reflects on ...

By |May 29, 2023|

Ep. 795: From One-Day Dreams to Real-Life Goals: The Power of Putting Things on Your Calendar

In this episode,Baylor discusses the power of using a calendar to achieve goals and make plans. He explains that putting something on the calendar makes it real long before it is real and encourages listeners to put all their goals, vacations, and bucket list items on the calendar, no matter how big or small they may be. By doing this, one can be purposeful about what they are trying to do and switch from working out to training. Baylor believes ...

By |May 26, 2023|

Ep. 793: Don’t Judge a Bread by Its Name: Overcoming Preconceived Notions

In this episode, Baylor talks about the importance of not letting preconceived notions or names of things prevent personal growth and development. He shares a story about trying beet bread and how the name almost prevented him from trying it, but it turned out to be delicious. He encourages listeners to be open-minded and willing to try new things, find alternative ingredients or methods to achieve their desired outcomes, and recognize that they may already possess the skills and characteristics ...

By |May 24, 2023|

Ep. 792: Shake Things Up: How to Get Out of Your Rut

In this episode, Baylor talks about the importance of shaking things up in life and getting out of one's comfort zone. He encourages listeners to realize that everything they need for growth is already around them and to stop getting caught up in the drama and doubt. He uses personal anecdotes and illustrations to drive his points home, including an analogy of a grocery store where the important things are around the edge, just like in life. Baylor urges listeners ...

By |May 23, 2023|

Ep. 791: From Kobe Cows to Personal Goals: The Importance of Standards

In this episode, Baylor discusses the importance of setting measurable standards in order to achieve success. Using the example of Kobe cows and Wagyu beef, he emphasizes the need to focus on the daily actions and standards required to achieve one's goals, rather than just the end result. Baylor also address the issue of settling for substitutes in various aspects of life and the importance of distinguishing between the real deal and a substitute. He encourages listeners to set high ...

By |May 22, 2023|

Ep. 790: Revving Up Your Leadership Skills: Lessons from Biker Groups

In this episode, Baylor talks about leadership lessons that can be learned from biker groups. He draws parallels between biker group leadership and leadership in other contexts, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and self-accountability for leaders. Baylor challenges the common notion that leaders always have to be in the front, leading the charge, and stresses the significance of clear direction and purpose in leadership. He also discusses the importance of operating on a different frequency as a leader, staying ...

By |May 19, 2023|

Ep. 789: Don’t Sprint, Endure: The Importance of Patience in Life

In this episode, Baylor addresses the common concern of what to do when you're putting in your best effort but not seeing the desired results. He emphasizes the power of patience and encourages listeners to ask themselves if what they're being patient for is truly worth it. Baylor also talks about the importance of not sacrificing your social life, joy, and time with family and friends for work. He suggests putting yourself in situations where you have to wait and ...

By |May 18, 2023|


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