A Mindset Development Company

Position: Founder


Shark Theory is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to achieve peak performance through mindset mastery and leadership development. By providing actionable strategies and transformative insights, Shark Theory aims to inspire and equip people to overcome obstacles, embrace opportunities, and drive sustained success in their personal and professional lives.


Shark Theory, founded by Baylor Barbee, is a mindset development and motivational speaking company that specializes in enhancing mental resilience, confident mindsets, and opportunity engineering. The company offers a range of services including keynote speeches, workshops, consulting, and the popular “Shark Theory” podcast.

Key Services:

  • Keynote Speaking: Baylor Barbee delivers engaging and impactful keynote presentations that inspire audiences to develop a growth-oriented mindset and achieve excellence.
  • Workshops and Training Programs: Customized sessions designed to improve leadership skills, boost confidence, and foster a positive organizational culture.
  • Consulting: Tailored consulting services to help organizations implement effective strategies for employee development and performance improvement.
  • Podcast: “Shark Theory” podcast provides daily episodes with practical tips and insights on achieving peak performance and personal growth.