I’ve been blessed to be seen by many across the world as inspirational or motivational, or whatever you want to call it.  But we all draw our inspiration from somewhere.  A few months ago, one of my best friends of many years was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I’m used to seeing everyone wear Pink during October “Breast Cancer awareness Month,” but I, like many of you that have family, friends, and loved ones, who are fighting, survived, or went on to a better place from Breast Cancer, now understand the first-hand reality of those fighting this ugly disease.  It is a fight that goes way beyond a Month of “awareness.”  It’s a constant battle, every minute of every day.

I’ve always been an advocate of using any influence that I may have to bring good causes to light.  It’s always been bigger than me.  I believe in Endurance Racing for a Cause, this Time its about You.  This is about anyone fighting breast cancer, anyone surviving breast cancer, or the families and friends of those who lost someone to it.

I’m entering Ironman Austin, October 27th,  2013. The longest race I’ve ever attempted by far, 70.3 miles, (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run).  But i’m not racing for me.  I’m racing for all of you. Though I train for hours upon hours each day, I know that you, who have to go through or have gone through bout(s) with breast cancer, fight a much harder battle.  You are the True IronWomen.  I’d like to honor you with this race.

Now through September 25th, We are collecting Names of anyone that has fought, survived, or passed away from Breast Cancer.  Every single name submitted, will be printed on the uniform.  You are all IronWomen and together we Will Cross the Finish Line at Ironman Austin in Honor of You, Your Courage, Strength, and Bravery.

Each of You are a Paladin in our eyes (Paladin: a noble champion for a cause), so i salute each of you #PinkPaladins.  I’m praying for each of you, and hope to honor you with this race and raise awareness so that we can put an end to this terrible disease. 

Prayers for you all, let’s go tackle Ironman and win the battle against Breast Cancer!

Best Regards,

Baylor Barbee



Baylor Barbee Ironman