Breaking Free: Unleash Your Inner Strength

When I was a kid, the Barnum and Bailey Circus would come to our town once a year. We didn’t live in a big city, so it was a huge event. One year, my dad took me backstage, behind the circus tents. I remember seeing the lions, bears, and tigers in their cages. I couldn’t believe I was so close to such fierce animals. There was one particular animal that stood out from all the others: the elephants. Unlike the ...

July 10, 2024|

Ep. 1053: Embrace Evolution and Authenticity

In this special Independence Day episode of "Shark Theory," host Baylor Barbee delves into the fascinating history and evolution of fireworks, tracing their origins from ancient China to their current role in modern celebrations. As always, Baylor utilizes historical context to provide profound insights into personal development and the significance of understanding one's roots. From the rudimentary bamboo firecrackers of 200 BC China intended to ward off evil spirits to the intricate, colorful displays we see today, fireworks have a ...

July 4, 2024|

Hold On Tight: A Life Lesson from Water Skiing

I was nine years old when I had the opportunity of a lifetime: I was going water skiing for the first time with some affluent friends. I remember the nerves I felt as I put on my life jacket, jumped into the lake, grabbed the ski rope, and listened for instructions. My friend’s dad gave me two simple rules: Point your skis up and give me the thumbs up when you’re ready to start. Don’t let go of the rope. ...

July 3, 2024|

The Power of Persistence: How Self-Belief and Creativity Led Me Through Tough Times

After finishing college, I moved to Dallas, the "big city" compared to where I had lived, with a goal to "make it big." I had no real plan, no connections, and no money. I knew two things: I was broke, and I had to change that. I was determined to make something of myself. Self-belief is important, but just because you believe in yourself and your ability to make things happen doesn’t mean the cards will magically fall into place. ...

June 26, 2024|

Lessons from a Homeless Man

I remember driving around Dallas one summer, with temperatures well over 100 degrees, seeing a homeless man standing on the street corner at a busy intersection. Something was different about this guy. He didn’t have the traditional “down on my luck, please help” sympathy look but rather a glowing smile as if he was having the best day in the world. I drove by but couldn’t stop thinking about how happy he seemed. I turned around and came back. I ...

June 19, 2024|

Embrace the Climb: Discover the Beauty in Every Step

I remember the first time leaving the country. My sister had a sporadic idea to visit Machu Picchu in the Andes mountains of Peru. I remember the fear I had when we landed when everything I knew changed. Nothing was in English. No one cared that I was parading around Apple’s newest invention, the iPad (which was a hit in Dallas). We arrived at the base of Machu Picchu in the early hours of the morning, hoping to summit by ...

June 12, 2024|
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