Kobe Bryant passing away from a helicopter crash is beyond heartbreaking. I was a fan of his mindset. So much so that I wrote about him in my 2017 book, “Wintality” In a section ironically titled “No Tear Goodbyes.”

No Tear Goodbyes

Goodbyes are hard on those that spent much time together. The stronger the bond, the harder the goodbye. It need not be that way. Future hall of famer, Kobe Bryant, knew at the beginning of the 2015-2016 NBA season this was his final season. Kobe, the ultimate competitor, and arguably one of the greatest basketball players to play the game, could do something in his final season he seldom did before. He could smile. He could enjoy it. By understanding that his career was coming to an end, he got to enjoy the last season with his teammates. Fans flocked to watch Kobe play his final games in their arenas, wanting to watch a legend play his final games.

Because they knew the end was coming before the season started, the team could make sure they gave their all the entire season. They cherished the 82 games together. Kobe’s final game was a historic game in which he led his team to victory and scored an astounding 60 points in a thrilling game with everyone in the Staples Center on their feet and everyone around the world glued to their TV watching Kobe go out in style.

After the game, he thanked the fans and was asked by the announcer if he would consider another season, to which Kobe responded, “No way, I’m done.” I am sure Kobe will miss the game, but by knowing when it was time to walk away, knowing where his finish line was, he, with his teammates and family, didn’t have to suffer from the “I wish I would have done more” syndrome that haunts many people. Kobe could leave it all on the court, and all of us got to revel in his final game and watch a legend retire and move on to greater things.

In the same manner, your goodbyes need not be sad. Whether it is a team, a job, or whatever it may be, communicate in the beginning about your goals and finish lines. Defined finish lines help others to cherish the time together and the momentum allows each to accomplish more in that time period.

When it’s all said and done, cross your finish line and sign up for a new race. Months after his final game of his NBA Career, Kobe was on a new team, fueled with the same competitive fire by announcing his new company, BryantStibel, was joining the New York Stock Exchange with a $100-million-dollar venture capital fund.

Those with a wintality understand that saying goodbye to one opportunity is opening the door to the start of a greater opportunity. Cross your finish line, celebrate, and then find a new race.”

Excerpt From:
Wintality: Unlock Your Success DNA
Baylor Barbee

Rip Kobe. Thanks for showing the world what it means to have a mamba mentality in pursuit of your goals.

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