How many of you like to bet or gamble?  It doesn’t have to be in a casino, or for money, but we all make gambles of sorts in our lives.  Whether it be in an investment scenario, whom we choose to date or marry, or even as simple as who we choose to spend our time with, knowing that time is the one thing we can’t get back.

All of us have dreams and ambitions.  Some may have more lofty ambitions; others may be more risk averse and limit their dreams, yet we all want to achieve something.  One of the greatest gifts God gives us aside from the free will to do as we please on earth is this…it only takes one.

Think about it.  To be an elite college student, summa cum laude, you have to be perfect.  You must maintain an A average on everything, your entire career.  To be an elite NBA athlete, you have to make more than half of your shots.  That means you need to make 50-70 out of every 100 shots you take.  To be a hall of fame baseball player, you need to get on base at least 33 times out of every 100 trips to the plate to be great.

But in life, it just takes one.

I’m one of those kinds of people that not only sees the “glass-half full,” I envision ways to fill the cup up; I see opportunity in everything.  If you’ve been around me or know anyone who has, they’ll tell you how excited I get off the smallest idea because of the money making potential I see in it.  Am I the smartest person in the world or have all the answers? Absolutely not.  It’s not based on merit that I get excited off new opportunities and business ventures, if that were the case I should quit.  I’ve failed at an innumerable amount of business ventures.  One time, I was convinced that I could take the ingredients out of all the best smelling colognes, and create my own.  I had the test tubes, chemicals and everything…it turned out terrible.  Another time, when I was younger, a partner and I started a business that sold real estate and websites…. somehow we thought they were related.  I wonder why we couldn’t find any investors ;)

Needless to say, it’s not on achievement that I get excited about opportunities; it’s Faith and the fact that it only takes One.

Jeremiah 29:11 says God has plans to prosper us, not harm us.  God wants us to be successful, He doesn’t say He’ll make it easy, but He does want the best for us.  In knowing that, we can jump on opportunities and know they can work.

Obviously not every idea or plan will work; some of us fail numerous times. Sylvester Stallone got turned down by over 1500 Casting Directors as an actor, had no money, and was over 30 years old.  Rather than quit, he decided to write, direct, and star in a ONE movie.  You know what that ONE movie was? Rocky.

Harland David Sanders, after a string of failures at the age of 65, took his last $105 dollars, and went door to door looking for an investor for his ONE recipe.  He was turned down 1006 times, and finally heard ONE yes.  He sold his Recipe that is now enjoyed all over the world under the name Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Colonel Sanders just needed that ONE yes.

Those are but a few of the millions of examples, I just encourage you to never give up.  Despite your failures in life, your situation, or your environment, it only takes one.  One connect could change your life, One day could be the day, One opportunity you jump on could be the ONE that gets you out of your struggles in life.  That One date could be the One, which starts a lifetime of happiness with the One.

One prayer could change everything, remember, it only takes One.


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