At Dreams Really Exist Foundation, we host an annual “Holly Jolly” Holiday event where we give brand new bicycles and coats to children in need across Dallas/Ft Worth.  Yesterday’s event was incredible, and I observed a few lessons about making an impact that can help you improve in your career, business, and life.


We partner with great organizations each year on the event and this year we had about 30 volunteers from all over the metroplex.  We set the agenda of what needed to be accomplished but didn’t give tactical instruction on how it needed to be done…why? We didn’t have to.  The reality is that when you surround yourself with like-minded people who are committed to a cause, which for all of us was to serve families in need, it ALWAYS works out.  Everyone found a position, whether it was loading bikes in cars, directing traffic, helping families with special needs, and everything in between.  There were no egos, no one was looking for credit.  We simply all wanted to serve.

If you’ll focus on getting the right team, you don’t have to worry about the X’s and O’s as much because good people see what needs to be done and get it done.


Multi-tasking isn’t something to be proud of.  At its core, multi-tasking is an admission that you’re giving half-effort to several projects which often means nothing gets finished.  A couple of us were “in charge” if there’s such a thing at the Holly Jolly event.  Each volunteer that needed our assistance was effective because they focused on solving one problem at a time and stuck with it until we got a solution and the family got help.

As a leader of a team, it’s your job to help your team focus.  They can’t focus if you have too much on their plate.  If you’ll encourage those that work for you or with you to solely focus on the problem at hand until its resolution, you’ll find that the collective team gets far greater results in a much more efficient time frame.  Also, by allowing team members to focus on one issue at a time, you don’t overwhelm them with a full plate which can lead to decreased performance and lack of fulfillment.

Simplify. Focus. Solve. Repeat.


We started Dreams Really Exist in 2019. Andre Emmett was the founder and was killed that same year.  The bike giveaway was one of his wishes and we’ve been growing it every year since.  I spent the entire day loading bikes in 18 wheelers, unloading bikes, working on logistics, and doing everything in my power to make the event run smoothly…. Everything except stop to smell the roses.  Si Mon’, Dre’s sister, and fellow board member at DREAMs, stopped me hours into the event and said something that will echo in my mind forever…

BAYLOR, STOP FOR A SECOND AND TAKE IT ALL IN.  Look at all the people that are being helped by what we’re doing.

She was right, I hadn’t stopped.  I say that because I believe that most of us want to put good into the world.  However, if we don’t stop and acknowledge the progress we’ve made or the impact we’re having, life will start to seem like a never-ending to-do list.  Without her forcing me to stop, I would have simply been focused on how long the line was getting and how fast the bikes were going.

Stop for a second today and be proud of your work and what you’ve accomplished in 2021.  Take a deep breath and get ready to attack 2022 with a great team!

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