We place so much emphasis on the BIG Close, the BIG Deal, the BIG Client as if that one BIG opportunity can change everything. Sometimes it can. However, what we neglect is far more important to long-term success than the occasional BIG close.

We all want the home run, but it’s the base hits in life that give us consistent victories.

To put it in perspective, it’s safe to say that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player in the history of the NBA. During his illustrious career, which had him scoring 32,292 points and making a total of 12,192 field goals, do you know how many of those were buzzer-beater game-winning shots?

Nine! Nine BIG shots out of 12,192… that’s 0.007% of his total shots. Now obviously we remember those heroic last-minute shots, but they make up such a small part of his career. It’s the other 10’s of thousands of points that made him great, not just the nine big shots.

I’m not anti-Homerun, anti-big shot, or anti-big shot, in fact, I’m all for them. But there’s a fail-proof method of getting those BIG opportunities in your career or life…focus on the base hit.

Do the day-to day-work. Focus on each bucket. Focus on each meeting, each close, each phone call, and each client. Movement leads to momentum which leads to massive results. When you look at the history of every legend, the big moments weren’t big to them…they were just execution of the same daily actions they always take, the only difference is it’s in a time that everyone is watching.

If you want to finish 2021 strong and execute in 2022 quit worrying about the BIG play and start asking yourself, “how can I make the most consistent play daily to get consistent results?” When you do that, the BIG shot will be just another day at the office of your greatness.

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