During a family breakfast outing recently, Britton and I were talking to my then 4-year-old nephew about his workout regime. My brother asked him what he was doing, and Carter said he wasn’t doing it anymore. Britton asked why, and Carter responded with, “I didn’t like it anymore, so I Deleted it out of my mind,” and went back to eating his pancakes.

I didn’t like it, so I Deleted it from my mind. So simple. So effective.

Why is it that we, as adults, can’t do that? We let past mistakes haunt us, we fear growth because of incidents in the path, we remain in negative cycles that don’t serve our future, and allow ourselves to remain in echo chambers of doubt.

What if we literally “deleted it from our mind” and gave ourselves permission to grow, permission to be happy, permission to succeed?

Do you know what happens on a hard drive when you delete something? It doesn’t automatically go away. What happens is the hard drive removes the parameters of “there is something stored here” so that new information can be stored there and overwrite the existing “deleted” information.

By choosing to delete things from your mind, namely false beliefs and self-imposed glass ceilings, you aren’t automatically forgetting, but rather giving your mind permission to replace that stored memory of hurt, doubt, and failure, with those of opportunity, confidence, and the ability to win.

Are you used to being complacent? Delete that and replace it with becoming a person of growth.
Used to being insecure and filled with doubt? Delete that and replace it with becoming a person of confidence.
Are you used to struggling and falling short of your goals? Delete that and replace it with becoming a consistent and disciplined person who doesn’t settle for less than a goal.

At some point, you decided to be your former self and your mind accepted it as truth. You can make a conscious change and be different, RIGHT NOW.

Delete thoughts and characteristics that don’t serve you and leave the old you behind.

It’s so easy, even a child can do it.

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