Baylor Barbee shares his perspective on the power of believing in oneself and the importance of challenging the notion of impossibility. He draws inspiration from comedians Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart, who both emphasize the idea that what may seem impossible is simply something that hasn’t been done yet. Baylor encourages listeners to adopt a mentality of defeating impossible and to break free from self-imposed limitations. He suggests deleting limiting thoughts from the mind and approaching challenges with a fresh perspective. Baylor also highlights the significance of asking “how” instead of “why” when faced with obstacles. He concludes by referencing a quote from Mike Tyson, emphasizing the need to confront and overcome adversity.

Key Takeaways:

Embrace the mentality of defeating impossible and challenge self-imposed limitations.
Delete limiting thoughts from the mind and adopt a fresh perspective.
Ask “how” instead of “why” when faced with obstacles.
Confront and overcome adversity to achieve success.


“It’s impossible. It just hasn’t been done yet.”
“You create the ceilings. Most impossible things in life aren’t truly impossible.”
“A lot of the limitations, walls, and ceilings in your life are self-imposed.”
“If it wasn’t going to get done, if I told you right now, you told me, ‘Hey, this is impossible to do.’ I said, ‘Okay, well, figure it out anyway.’ How would you do it?”
“Sometimes you have to have a fresh perspective. Sometimes you gotta take a different route.”
“Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the nose.”

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