In this epidode, Baylor shares two unfortunate events that recently happened to him – his car overheating and getting stuck in an elevator. He discusses how unexpected situations can occur in life and emphasizes the importance of how we respond to them. Baylor references Jim Rohn’s phrase “Isn’t that interesting?” as a way to acknowledge unfortunate events without letting them define or upset us. He also mentions Marcus Aurelius’ quote about not letting things upset us and highlights the significance of remaining calm in times of adversity. Baylor explains that leaders are the ones who stay calm when everyone else is panicking, as it allows for clear thinking and taking action. He encourages listeners to focus on finding positive solutions and reverse engineering problems to see the bigger picture. Baylor also addresses the challenges of seasonal depression during this time of year and reminds listeners of their resilience in overcoming past adversities. He concludes by motivating everyone to keep fighting and making things happen.

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