Do you struggle with adapting to change? In this episode, Baylor uses the analogy of a snow cone place that has evolved to teach us the most valuable lesson: appreciate growth. He encourages us to expand our skills and offerings while staying true to our identity and original flavors. It’s important to remember that we won’t be everyone’s flavor, but there is a flavor for everyone. So, be the best at who you are and find ways to expand your offerings. Listen to this episode to learn how to adapt to change and appreciate growth in all areas of life, including your career and fitness.

Adapting to Change [00:01:40] Baylor encourages listeners to appreciate growth, expand their skills and offerings, while still staying true to their identity and original flavors.

Being True to Yourself [00:05:04] Baylor emphasizes the importance of not worrying about pleasing everyone and being true to oneself.

Not Everyone Will Like You [00:05:51] Baylor discusses how not everyone will like you and how it’s important to focus on being the best at who you are and not changing your flavor for anyone else.

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