In this episode, Baylor discusses the importance of focusing on oneself and sticking to one’s code to achieve greatness and sustainability. He uses the example of the video game industry, specifically the battle between Nintendo and Sega in the late 80s and early 90s, to illustrate his point. Baylor emphasizes the importance of consistency and quality in all aspects of life, and warns against having situational ethics and deviating from one’s code. He also cautions against the comparison game and encourages listeners to focus on themselves rather than others.

Video Game Wars [00:00:08] Baylor talks about the history of video games and the competition between Sega and Nintendo.

Stick to Your Code [00:02:10] Baylor emphasizes the importance of sticking to your values and ethics in order to achieve sustainability and success.

Quality Over Quantity [00:04:08] Baylor discusses the importance of focusing on the quality of your work rather than the quantity, and how effectiveness is more important than the amount of time put in.

Sales process improvement [00:05:24] Baylor talks about how she became more effective at the sales process by talking to more people and getting more yeses over time.

Comparison game [00:06:01] Baylor advises against comparing oneself to others, using the example of Sega and Nintendo’s focus on their own characters rather than each other’s. He also warns against being in a situation where one is constantly pivoting to match someone else’s actions.

Living without limits [00:06:40] Baylor encourages listeners to focus on themselves and not limit their potential by comparing themselves to others. He believes in living in a world without limits and limitless possibilities.

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