In this episode, Baylor talks about a conversation with his friend Cameryn about discipline in nutrition and how it can be applied to other areas of life. Cameryn provides insights on staying disciplined in nutrition, including being prepared, finding what works for you, being authentic, and being flexible. Baylor discusses the importance of finding a balance between discipline and flexibility and how it’s key to staying on track towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed or defeated by setbacks.

Preparedness [00:01:28] Preparedness is key to staying disciplined in nutrition and in life. Sunday is a great day to prep meals and avoid aimlessly walking through the grocery store.

Finding What Works for You [00:02:04] Finding what you like and making it work is important in staying disciplined in nutrition and in life. Authenticity is what will keep you in the fight.

Being Flexible [00:04:40] Being flexible and building in cheat meals can help you stay disciplined in nutrition and in life. It’s important to find healthier ways to do what you like and stick with who you are.

Building in Contingency Time [00:05:21] Planning for contingencies to avoid failure and guilt in nutrition and life.

Avoiding Guilt [00:06:05] Building in contingency time to avoid guilt and prevent falling off the wagon in nutrition and life.

Getting Back on the Wagon [00:06:41] Avoiding guilt and building in contingency time to stay disciplined and get back on track after falling off the wagon in nutrition and life.

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