In this episode, Baylor reflects on his experience attending the Senior PGA Championship and the importance of being present in the moment. He encourages listeners to appreciate their surroundings and seek out those who excel in their field to learn from them. Baylor also discusses the concept of performing well on one’s worst day and finding one’s own lens to view the world through. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on one’s weaknesses and striving to improve in order to stand out in one’s field.

Appreciating the present moment [00:00:09] Baylor reflects on the importance of taking a moment to appreciate the present moment and not missing out on the good old days.

Learning from those who excel [00:02:12] Encourages listeners to learn from those who excel in their field and to ask them what makes them stand out.

Performing well on one’s worst day [00:04:09] Discusses the importance of being able to perform well on one’s worst day and how it can separate one from the rest of the pack.

Appreciating the present moment [00:05:23] Reflects on the importance of focusing on one’s worst day and appreciating the present moment.

Different lenses [00:05:23 – 00:06:08] Discusses how different people have different lenses when it comes to attending events, such as the Senior PGA Championship.

Learning from others [00:06:47] Talks about the importance of learning from others and having a mentality of wanting to beat them, while still respecting their accomplishments.

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