In this episode, Baylor discusses the importance of setting measurable standards in order to achieve success. Using the example of Kobe cows and Wagyu beef, he emphasizes the need to focus on the daily actions and standards required to achieve one’s goals, rather than just the end result. Baylor also address the issue of settling for substitutes in various aspects of life and the importance of distinguishing between the real deal and a substitute. He encourages listeners to set high standards for themselves and not get caught up in the opinions of others.

Setting Standards [00:01:41] Baylor talks about the importance of setting measurable standards for oneself in order to achieve success, using the example of Kobe cows and Wagyu beef.

Judging the Process [00:03:00] Emphasizes the importance of judging one’s process rather than just focusing on the end result, and how setting standards for oneself can help achieve this.

Real Deal or Substitute [00:04:59] Discusses the importance of being able to distinguish between the real deal and a substitute in various aspects of life, and how this can affect one’s success.

Stop Settling for the Substitute [00:05:51] Talks about the importance of not settling for less in life and striving for one’s full potential.

Being the Wagyu Beef [00:06:33] Discusses the concept of being the best in one’s industry or community and how it can lead to imitation and criticism.

Criticism and Imitation [00:07:13] Emphasizes that criticism and imitation are signs of success and that one should not focus on them but rather on their own process and results.

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