In this episode, Baylor talks about the importance of leading with value to increase influence and perceived value. He emphasizes that providing value is not just important for business owners, but can also help individuals advance in their job or social circles. Baylor stresses the importance of exploring different variations of one’s skills and being able to articulate one’s goals and needs when networking with others. He also highlights the value of putting one’s skills and gifts out into the world and sharing them with others to create opportunities for oneself and build towards one’s legacy.


The Power of Positive Thinking [00:00:08] Baylor talks about how the things we tell ourselves set the tone for the day and how we can wake up with the right thoughts to have a great morning.

Providing Value to Increase Influence [00:00:44] Baylor shares how providing value can help increase influence and perceived value, and how it can be applied in business, job, or personal relationships.

Identifying and Leveraging Unique Skills [00:02:08] Baylor emphasizes the importance of identifying unique skills and leveraging them to create opportunities, and how every skill can be sold in different ways.

Positioning Yourself [00:05:28] Tips on how to position yourself and your skills to explore different opportunities and not limit your potential.

Being Prepared for Opportunities [00:06:15] Importance of being prepared to answer questions about your goals and how others can help you when you get around good people.

Giving to Receive [00:06:51] The benefits of putting value into the world and sharing your gift, and how it can lead to opportunities and build towards your legacy.



(00:00:00) – You are now listening to Shark Theory. I’m your host, Baylor Barbee.


(00:00:08) – Hey, what’s up everybody? Hope you off to another great morning. You know, they’re always great morning. And the reason that I say that is because a lot of times is the things we tell ourselves that set the tone for the day. You know, there’s a reason people say, I don’t wanna wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Really, what you don’t wanna do is wake up with the wrong thoughts. You don’t wanna be trending the wrong way. You notice in the theme that we’ve been talking about. But aside from that, I was thinking the other day, um, or actually last night about when I was a kid, you know, I’d go to the mall of Abilene and from a small town of West Texas called Abilene. And I remember specifically, we go in a certain door. And why I love going to that door is next to the Chick-fil-A.

Speaker 0 (00:00:44) – Now, the thing about the Chick-fil-A was they always had somebody outside standing there handing out free nugget. And if you’ve ever had Chick-fil-A, you know, it’s like the most amazing nugget in the world, but you just crave Chick-fil-A. Like I associated the mall with Chick-fil-A, right? And just thinking about that. And then you’d walk through the mall, and then when you got hungry, you’re thinking, you know where I wanna go? I wanna go to Chick-fil-A. So what they did by providing a free trial, providing something of value, ultimately helped, uh, with their sales. And that philosophy has been true in my life and the life of, of many of prominent business owners I know. Um, we have to ask ourself, how do we provide value now so that we can increase our influence, increase our perceived value, so that other people will come to us when it comes time to to to purchase.

(00:01:29) – Again, you don’t have to be a business owner to do this. This same, uh, skill set could help you, uh, advance in your job or advance in your, your, your friendship circle or your, your circle of influence, uh, by providing value. And that’s what I’m saying. We have to start leading with value. We live in a society that wants to say, well, once they do this for me, then I’ll do that for them. Too many people operate with that ideology. But if you’ll change that and say, yeah, I understand it’s a taker world. I understand people are gonna try to take advantage of me, but I know one thing. If I continue to put value out, uh, people will see the value. The best way to get seen is to put it out there. Now, I’m not saying go do everything for free, but I am saying, uh, it’s important to put value.

(00:02:08) – And how do we do that? We have to first identify what is the unique skill that you can offer the world? And again, when I say the world, it doesn’t mean you have to all parts of the globe, but in whatever you consider your world, your friend world, your work world, your faith world, whatever world that is, um, what do you do? Uh, that stands out. Now, when I say unique skill, I didn’t say, what do you do better than everybody else? I’m saying, what do you do different? Winning is not always about being the best. Sometimes about holding the longest. Sometimes it’s about differentiation and just being different. Like, I have my unique style of speaking. It’s very parable driven. I like to tell a lot of stories. I have a friend who does a similar uh, thing to me, but his delivery is completely opposite.

(00:02:50) – It’s all fact driven. It’s all based on slides. Uh, not my cup of tea, but you know what, it works for his audiences. And so I say it to say, there’s enough of whatever it is you do good, uh, in, in the world, somebody that needs that. So just double down on whatever your unique skill is. Whatever people say, oh, that’s the idiosyncrasy, or Oh, that’s that Baylor, or, oh, that’s that, you know, whatever your name is, whatever that type of skill is that a lot of times tell you, Hey, this is what’s unique. This is what people remember about me. And that’s really what we’re after here. When we talk about building legacies, it’s about being remembered. So why not lead with the thing that you inherently, naturally, uh, do different than everybody else? And that could be a myriad of things. It could be the way that you handle stress.

(00:03:31) – It could be the way that you, uh, talk to customers or just talk to people in general. It could be the way that you, uh, you know, schedule out your day. It could be a lot of things. It just has to be unique to you. You know, I know people who are like, I say, oh, you’re extremely O C D and now they have like, home design businesses, right? So just find that unique skill, right? And then ask yourself, how can I use this skillset to get more opportunities? And, and really what you want to do with this is when you identify that skill is you gotta look at all the different variations that you could do with that skill. So for instance, I was like, okay, I like to put stories together. So what can I do? I can write books and give keynote speeches.

(00:04:10) – I can, uh, do this podcast, write all those different, uh, ways of doing it. And then, you know, I think a lot of us undervalue our own skill. And I was guilty of this for the longest time because it, certain things came seemingly natural or easier for me than other aspects of things. We devalue it, right? Have you ever been so, you know, so good at something? I’m not saying I’m the best at this, but be so good at something that you don’t see the value in it. Cause like, well, you just assume everybody can do it cuz you can do it. Cause you don’t have to work seemingly work hard at it. That’s what sets you apart. That’s what makes you the quote unquote natural, though. I hate that word, and I’ll probably talk about that uh, more later. But, you know, looking at that thing and say, what are the variations of that?

(00:04:46) – Every skill can be sold, every skill can be sold. Whatever it is you’re good at, somebody would pay to learn how to do that, right? That’s why we have masterclass. That’s why we have all these online courses, is people trying to learn skills. So you’re not alone. Nobody on the planet has something that’s good at that nobody else on the world in the world wants. In fact, the more niche, the more unique it is, the easier it is to, uh, uh, it is to sell or to find your, your tribe. So spend some time today thinking about that, uh, particular, uh, skill that you have and ask yourself, what are the different ways I could package it? Right? And, and again, like for mine, it’s, it continues to evolve. Like lately through our shark theory company, we’ve been doing a lot of leadership development training, actually develop leaders.

(00:05:28) – Not just the speaking side of it, the but you know, those that are trying to give their own speeches. How do you put talks together? How do they position themselves? So give yourself the freedom to not be, you know, laser focused on, oh, well I can only do this, I can only, you know, handle my own schedule. Like, well, no, I can actually teach scheduling. I could actually be an executive assistant. I can do a lot of different things. So whatever your skill is, give yourself the freedom to look at the different variations in which it could be, uh, sold or, or manifested or, and again, it’s not just about business. It can be, uh, currencies, not just money. There’s social currency and there’s other sorts of currency in the world. Uh, but be sure that you’re getting something out of it, right? And, you know, as you start to get in bigger circles, and as you start to grow with this skill, what you’ll find is you get around good people and good people are gonna ask you a question that I did not have the answer to for years.

(00:06:15) – I would get around the right people and they say, I, oh, you know, I speak like, okay, cool. What are you, you know, what are your goals with that? Where are you trying to go? What, how can I help you? And I didn’t have an answer for that. And, and that’s sad, right? And I say it to say, when you’re a person of integrity, you’re a person of quality and you’re doing good work, you get around other people eventually that do good work, appreciate your honesty, appreciate your integrity, and want to help you out. Be sure that you have a way for people to be able to help you. So many of us are, I’m so self-starter, I’ve gotta do it myself, that we’re actually limiting our own potential to grow. So I say that in the back of your mind as you look for new opportunities.

(00:06:51) – Know what that looks like. When somebody says, how can I help you? You should be able to tell me, you know what? Well, there’s three ways you could help me, a, B, or C. These are what, because when you’re a direct person, you know what you want. People a lot of times wanna help you. But if they don’t know how to help you, because you don’t even know what kind of help you need, they can’t help you, right? We gotta get out of our own way, right? So put value into the world. And I’m here to tell you, there’s a reason they say is, is if you wanna, the best way to get is really to give. They say, you know, it’s better to give than to receive. But really by putting it out there, by sharing your gift and seeing people benefit from it, not only does that bring a sense of, of of peace and sense of fulfillment and build towards your legacy, it gets your name out there. People remember that. They remember the energy, they remember the skill. And those opportunities come. And when those opportunities come, be sure you know what they look like so you can capitalize them. Have a great weekend.


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