My buddy Matt Sayman is one of the greatest basketball minds that I know.  He also happened to be the cornerstone of the Baylor Basketball program turning around after the Scandal when we were in college. This weekend, while hooping together, I noticed that I played differently when I was on his team as if I saw the game through his eyes.  In any endeavor in life, we can improve far more rapidly, if we’ll see a project or event through the eyes of someone more skilled than us.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  1. Finding the Right Lens
  2. Learning by Proxy
  3. How questions make you greater quicker
  4. Becoming a “natural”

Check out Matt’s book, “The Leftovers : Basketball, Betrayal, Baylor and Beyond” HERE.
*Tony Romo said it was one of the best comeback stories he’s ever read

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