You see it all the time, sport’s stars that play well past their prime, rockstars who can’t hang it up, business hot shots that can’t evolve with the times.  These people, like many, don’t know how to let go.  Learning to let go is one of the most necessary skills you need to develop to reach great heights.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  1. What rocket ships can teach us about handling people
  2. Why not everyone who was once good for you still is
  3. The importance of not running past your goal
  4. How to have a No-Tears Goodbye
  5. How a helium balloon philosophy can help you reach your dreams

About Shark Theory

On Shark Theory, we look into the experiences, ideas, and strategies that help us answer the question, “How can I develop the mindset needed to truly conquer my goals, dreams, and objectives.”

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