Are you one of the people who truly wants to catch a MONSTA-Sized Goal or reach a lifelong dream? One of mine was to catch a Shark.  Today, I’m joined by Michael “Captain Sharky” Marquez, founder of Outcast Charters and MonstaFishin Apparel.  Fresh off just catching four sharks in my first-time ever fishing trip, I learned a lot about sharks and life.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  1. How to build an Authentic Brand
  2. How doing the little things can lead to Monsta results
  3. How you can apply shark fishing strategies to your goal setting
  4. How to Succeed when your situation seems hopeless

Connect with Captain Sharky

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About Shark Theory

On Shark Theory, he looks into the experiences, ideas, and strategies that help us answer the question, “How can I develop the mindset needed to truly conquer my goals, dreams, and objectives.”

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