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Ep. 619: Don’t Shortchange Yourself

I recently had someone asked me if I'd be the the first to support them if they started a new business. My reply, "no." The reason might suprise you. In this episode, we'll discuss: Misconceptions of Support Why Support can weaken you Supporting Yourself

2022-05-19T22:16:47-05:00May 20, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 618: Don’t Fold

My great friend Adrianne Ross has a tatoo that says "Don't Fold."  While I don't have tattoos, I asked myself, "What power statement would I have if I had a tattoo?" In this episode, we'll discuss: The purpose of affirmations Designing your Power Statement Displaying your statement Fueling Yourself

2022-05-18T22:33:31-05:00May 19, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 617: The Glow

As an ultra-endurance athlete and mental health speaker/author, I'm always in search of the edge.  By that I mean anything that will heal me and help me get ahead.  Just like Bruce Leroy in the famous old-school movie "The Last Dragon," I am always in search of "The Glow."  Over the last few years I've found it at Glow Sauna Studios, and what it represents has helped me in numerous ways. In this episode, we'll ...

2022-05-17T17:06:16-05:00May 18, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 616: Seize the Opportunity

At a local taco restaurant I met an excellent server who I found out barely spoke english and had only been in the country for 3 months....and he inspired me. In this episode, we'll discuss: Making sure we want the dream bad enough Jumping into the fire now Service and a Smile can take you far

2022-05-17T07:37:15-05:00May 17, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 615: Byron Nelson

I went to the PGA Tour event, Byron Nelson Tournament this weekend, an annual tournament that I attend, but now that I enjoy golf, my experience changed...and yours should to. In this episode, we'll discuss: Production vs Process CHanging the conversation Never losing the excitement

2022-05-16T08:03:09-05:00May 16, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 614: Be Bold

My Mom's recent encounter with a homeless man shed a lot of light on how we must live life boldly to get what we want. In this episode, we'll discuss: Quit being afraid of Success Living life in a Different Font Being Unapologetic 10,000 No's

2022-05-13T06:42:34-05:00May 13, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 613: Foundations

I was recently having knee and ankle issues while training for a 62 mile trail run race. I thought my body was falling apart but I learned it was the integrity of the shoes had failed.  Fixing the foundation of the shoe cleared all my ailments.  So often we think we have big problems simply because we don't fix our foundations. In this episode, we'll discuss: Secrets of Mountain Goats Knowing Your Foundation Inspections Fixing ...

2022-05-12T07:21:07-05:00May 12, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 612: Coping Mechanisms

There's adversities in life and then there are extreme adversities that trigger stressors worthy of coping mechanisms.  Are you aware with how you cope to stress? In this episode, we'll discuss: Unconscious Coping Mechanisms What coping actually is Identifying the mechanism and the trigger Find and Replace

2022-05-11T08:09:27-05:00May 11, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 611: The Underdog

Once a year, I'm the biggest horse expert in the world...that day is the Kentucky Derby Day.  Those are the most exciting two minutes of the year and this year the result was unexpected to everyone...except for one team. In this episode, we'll discuss: Staying Ready Blocking out the Noise Why odds are irrelvant Running Your Race

2022-05-09T23:20:06-05:00May 10, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 610: Soul Tune-Up

The other day I caught up with a my great friend Jorunn from college.  We hadn't spoke in about 15 years and catching up, it was as if no time had passed.  The conversation was a tune-up for my soul that I didn't know I needed, and perhaps we all need a soul tune-up. In this episode, we'll discuss: Needing mindset realignment Ways to tune-up your life Being the soul tune-up for others

2022-05-09T06:45:31-05:00May 9, 2022|Podcasts|


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