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Personal Development

Personal Development

Brain Exercise

As an author and as a creative consultant, there’s a brain exercise that I’ve done for years. The exercise has proven to be so valuable to me that I believe that everyone should employ it daily. The goal of the exercise is to merely allow your brain, your thought process actually, to go wherever it wants to, with no limitations or end goals in mind. My best ideas can all be tied to this rapid fire ...

2022-02-15T20:02:17-06:00January 25, 2016|Personal Development, The Winning Way|

Lessons from the Notorious BIG

Yesterday marked the 18th anniversary of the death of legendary hip-hop artist, the Notorious B.I.G.  Biggie made such a lasting impact on pop culture that even those that aren’t hip-hop fans have most likely heard of him. Some may have classified him, as a “gangster” rapper, but regardless of what label you gave him, lessons can be found in everything in life if you choose to look for them. Christopher Wallace, The Notorious BIG, was killed ...

2022-02-15T20:03:19-06:00March 10, 2015|Personal Development, The Winning Way|

Lessons Learned from Painting

Last night, I attempted something I had never done before; painting. Painting is one of those things that looks easy when you’re watching others do it, but will teach you a valuable lesson when you attempt it. Walking in to attempt my first piece, I had visions of being the next Leonardo Da Vinci or Jean-Michel Basquiat. I looked at their work all day and watched YouTube videos on how to paint. In my mind, ...

2022-02-15T20:06:16-06:00October 14, 2011|Personal Development, The Winning Way|


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