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Personal Development


In the next few days, many will start working on the dreaded “New Year’s Resolutions.” Statistically, the second Friday of a new year, (January 13th, 2023) is national quit day…the day when the vast majority have already given up and forgotten about those “resolutions” they made. What’s the problem? Don’t most people really want to accomplish those goals or stick to the resolutions? I believe so. Then why don’t we stick with them? The short ...

2022-12-29T11:05:02-06:00December 29, 2022|Personal Development, The Winning Way|


During a family breakfast outing recently, Britton and I were talking to my then 4-year-old nephew about his workout regime. My brother asked him what he was doing, and Carter said he wasn’t doing it anymore. Britton asked why, and Carter responded with, “I didn’t like it anymore, so I Deleted it out of my mind,” and went back to eating his pancakes. I didn’t like it, so I Deleted it from my mind. So ...

2022-02-15T16:34:57-06:00November 18, 2021|Personal Development, The Winning Way|

ReCharge Yourself

Yesterday, I was frustrated that I had to charge my MacBook, iPad, and watch all at the same time during the middle of the day.  Was I frustrated because they needed to charge? No. I was frustrated that I didn’t charge them at night and therefore was set back during the day.   We as people are similar.  Have you ever hit that wall in the middle of your workday? Have you ever asked yourself ...

2022-02-15T16:42:09-06:00November 3, 2021|Personal Development, The Winning Way|

The Beauty of a Clear Mind

In a book I’m reading, The Art of Peace, there is a quote that says “Cast off limiting thoughts and return to true emptiness. Stand in the midst of the Great Void. This is the secret of the Way of a Warrior.” This passage from the 19th century from Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of the Japanese martial art Aikido, is profound because it offers an insight that’s counterculture to our own. In a society and careers ...

2022-02-15T16:51:57-06:00March 12, 2020|Personal Development, The Winning Way|

Endurance Lessons for Peak-Performers

Why do peak-performers push themselves to new limits? Is it for the fame, the glory, or the awards? Perhaps for some, but true performers push themselves for one reason – to see what they’re capable of. We’re all capable of far more than we realize, but the only way to truly understand that is to push yourself further than you ever have. Last Monday, my Brother Britton and I came up with an idea – ...

2022-02-15T16:56:09-06:00March 4, 2020|Personal Development, The Winning Way|

How to Become a Dragon

Every Sunday, I (along with millions of others) anxiously await the newest episode of Game of Thrones.  Whether you follow the series, one of the central plots revolves around a queen and her three dragons, long thought to be extinct. Watching queen Daenerys Targaryen ride into battle on a giant fire breathing dragon gave me chills and had me thinking to myself “if only I had a dragon, I would be unstoppable.”  I thought about ...

2022-02-15T17:05:02-06:00August 14, 2017|Motivation, Personal Development, The Winning Way|

Life Lessons from a Brazilian JiuJitsu Class

You ever have one of those experiences that you go into just to try something new and end up leaving with enough life lessons to write a book about? That’s what happened to me the other day.  Mark, A friend of mine, invited me to try out a Brazilian Jiujitsu class up at Allen Jiujitsu Club.  The closest thing I’ve ever come to Martial Arts is watching UFC or playing Street Fighter on Super Nintendo. ...

2022-02-15T17:06:05-06:00March 17, 2017|Personal Development, The Winning Way|

What It Means to Win

I’m a sore loser. I abhor it with everything I have, and I do everything I can to win in every area of life. Some label me “over-competitive,” but really, I’m just allergic to losing. It burns me to lose – at anything. My best friend beat me in 3 straight games of Madden years ago, and I boycotted the game for six years because of the poor taste that loss left in my spirit. ...

2022-02-15T17:16:24-06:00February 8, 2017|Personal Development, The Winning Way|

The Trademark of Success

Last night millions of people witnessed the greatest comeback in NFL Super Bowl history as the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime to win their 5th Super Bowl. Whether you love the Patriots or hate them, they have undoubtedly built a winning culture. In an age of “super teams” comprised of marquee players all going to the same team to win a championship, the Patriots have quite the opposite philosophy. In fact, ...

2022-02-15T17:17:52-06:00February 6, 2017|Personal Development, The Winning Way|


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