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Catch You on The Rebound Podcast

Recently I had a chance to sit down with professional basketball player Jordan Tolbert on his mental health Podcast "Catch You on the Rebound."  We discussed several topics in the realm of mental health. Highlights: 11:45 - The beauty of Missing an Opportunity 12:35 - My Origin story and how I became an author/speaker 14:20 - why we're all similar in our struggles and shouldn't seek to change too much 15:15 - how losing your ...

2022-02-15T16:45:24-06:00November 20, 2020|Mental Health, Press/Media|

The Day I Killed Superman

For most my life, I suffered from a terrible disease called “Yes.” “Yes, I can help you with that,” “Yes, I’ll attend that event of yours,” “Yes, I can do that,” yes yes yes. If someone asked, the answer was always yes. I used to think I was just a helpful guy and took pride in being there for everyone, all the time. That’s what we’re supposed to do, help others when we can right? ...

2022-02-15T17:10:48-06:00February 20, 2017|Mental Health, The Winning Way|
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