Ep. 349: Bad Day vs Bad Mental Health Day

We all have bad days, but have we ever asked ourselves, "am I having a bad day or a bad mental day?" There's a difference and understanding that can chance your outlook and results. In this episode, we'll discuss: Contributing Factors to Bad Days Timeouts vs Refueling Avoiding a downward slide

2021-04-13T06:15:55-05:00April 13, 2021|Mental Health, Podcasts|

Ep. 318: Silent Observance

Recently I've noticed at around the same time every morning, I hear a certain bird outside my living room and after a while I started to feel like I could understand the bird. In this episode, we'll discuss: Giving yourself the gift of silence and time Filling your mind with the right thoughts How to tell you who you really are

2021-02-25T08:36:05-06:00February 25, 2021|Mental Health, Podcasts|

Ep. 299: A Mental Health Day

"I'm mentally exhausted. I have nothing left to give currently." Have you ever said that? Perhaps not, but have you ever felt that way? We have to rid ourselves of the misconception that it's a weakness to take a break to rejuvenate your mind. In this episode, we'll discuss: The misconception of what Health is The power in admitting your out of gas How to finish strong versus limping through life How ego can prevent ...

2021-01-26T06:10:32-06:00January 26, 2021|Mental Health, Podcasts|

Ep. 298: Mind Plays Tricks

Your mind wants to take the path of least resistance so it plays tricks on you when you get tired.  To grow this year, you have to start redirecting those tricks to benefit you. In this episode, we'll discuss: Why the mind wants to take the easy way out Why you must treat your mind like a puppy How to redirect your thoughts and get results

2021-01-25T06:11:29-06:00January 25, 2021|Mental Health, Podcasts|


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