The #1 Mistake Aspiring Speakers (and Presenters make)

I work with a lot of aspiring speakers, leaders who must present to their teams, and individuals looking to make their voices be heard more clearly. Whether you’re on stage in front of a large audience, in a conference room presenting to a few people, or simply meeting with your boss to negotiate a raise or promotion, there is one fundamental mistake I see often… The mistake is this. Aspiring speakers and leaders think that ...

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I’m a big believer in excellence…so much that I wrote a book “The Idea of Excellence,” in 2014. It was written on the belief that if success is measured by how you compare to others, then excellence is how you compare to your potential or capacity. Excellence, therefore, is the true test of character, work ethic, and ultimately defines your legacy. The other day, I was talking to my brother Britton about building successful corporate cultures ...

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Motivation Isn’t Enough

Yesterday I received a message from an aspiring speaker who asked if he could pick my brain about breaking into the speaking business. I told him I had time for one question, to which he asked, “How do you get booked by companies when there is so much competition in the speaking market?” The answer I gave him is one that we can all apply to our careers, whether you’re a speaker or in any ...

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How online selling is hurting future leaders

When I was younger, I played Little League Baseball and every year we had to participate in an annual fundraiser which consisted of selling those  almond chocolate bars, commonly used for fundraising, to everyone we knew. There were prizes for the different monetary levels you achieved in selling. I’m not really sure if anyone ever ate those overpriced bars. Regardless, I was still determined to get the best prize. I knew that the other kids ...

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