Recently I had a chance to sit down with professional basketball player Jordan Tolbert on his mental health Podcast “Catch You on the Rebound.”  We discussed several topics in the realm of mental health.


11:45 – The beauty of Missing an Opportunity
12:35 – My Origin story and how I became an author/speaker
14:20 – why we’re all similar in our struggles and shouldn’t seek to change too much
15:15 – how losing your identity as an athlete leads to depression (and how to fight it)
18:00 – How to Succeed
19:30 – Playing Your Role
21:20 – The misconception of depression, “strength” and mental illness
22:30 – how to have productive depression days
24:00 – Power of Meditation
29:00 – How to go Pro in Anything
31:15 – Power of Therapy
32:45 – Lessons from Andre Emmett


Watch the Podcast Below:

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