idea of excellence

Book: Paperback
Length: 157 pages
Publisher: Cornell Street Publishing

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The Pursuit of Purpose, Passion & Performance

Excellence is something many have heard of, but few really understand.  Many strive for success, very few strive for excellence.

Idea of Excellence aims to help you define excellence by painting a picture of what it truly is.  Second, this book will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve excellence in your life by highlighting the five qualities that all men and women of excellence have.

Yes, I wish you abundant success in your life.  But more than success, I want you to live a life of fulfillment.  At the end of your days, I want your life to count for something more than just a trophy on the wall or a large number in your bank account.  It is my hope that your life is filled with catching dreams and realizing potentials.

Welcome to the idea of excellence.