Black Friday, a day full of being overwhelmed with ads, rushing to buy things we don’t need, and fighting crowds over the latest and greatest gadgets. Sounds fun huh? Though many dread the lines and crowds of this annual day, we need to be more concerned about the Black Friday friends and co-workers in our lives. Just as the hype of Black Friday can drain your bank account, the harmful effects of Black Friday friends are far more impactful on your future.
Here are four types of Black Friday Friends you need to eliminate from your life.
Don’t you hate those people that are always there for you when they need you? Read that again, there for you when THEY NEED YOU. This morning my inbox was full of ads from companies that haven’t reached out to me since this day last year, telling me how they know the perfect new gift for me…. Based on what? You haven’t been here for me in a year. Black Friday friends operate similarly. You know who I’m talking about. When that text, phone call, or “hey just stopping by” happens, you know a favor is going to be asked very soon after.
The danger of this type of friend is that there is no reciprocity in the relationship. Any relationship in life that takes without giving will ultimately die. It’s a simple act of reciprocity. If there is none, leave.
Do you have people in your life that are always trying to sell you on the big idea? Not that there’s anything wrong with a good idea, but some ONLY have an idea, no execution. No follow-through. The danger here is that it’s easy to become a. “just dreamer,” someone who only talks in philosophies but never actually gets things done. I call them click-bait friends. The title looks great, but there is no substance to their lives. Don’t be fooled.
It seems like every ad today says, “will beat any competitors price,” or “guaranteed lowest price.” The question I ask is, “At what point do you draw the line?” In a race to be the lowest or do anything to attract business, companies lower their standards. Black Friday friends do the same thing. No standards, no backbone, don’t stand for anything. They worry about what everyone else is doing and adapt just to be relevant. The problem with this is that eventually they see you as a threat and will do anything to undercut you.
Remember when Black Friday was one day only? Then it started on Thursday, and we allowed it. Now it’s as if Black Friday “deals” start the day after the 4th of July. Black Friday friends will encroach on your peace and personal space if you don’t set parameters with your time and energy. It starts with them asking to “pick your brain,” or “chat.” You oblige because you’re a good friend. Next thing you know, they’re hitting you up 24/7 to talk meaningless conversation just because they have nothing going on. Isn’t it odd that people who got nothing going on always want to do nothing with you? The one time you put your foot down and don’t accept their request to waste time, they vilify you. Your peace is important. Your mental health and space are important. Don’t give it freely to those who only wish to take it.
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