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Ep. 612: Coping Mechanisms

There's adversities in life and then there are extreme adversities that trigger stressors worthy of coping mechanisms.  Are you aware with how you cope to stress? In this episode, we'll discuss: Unconscious Coping Mechanisms What coping actually is Identifying the mechanism and the trigger Find and Replace

2022-05-11T08:09:27-05:00May 11, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 611: The Underdog

Once a year, I'm the biggest horse expert in the world...that day is the Kentucky Derby Day.  Those are the most exciting two minutes of the year and this year the result was unexpected to everyone...except for one team. In this episode, we'll discuss: Staying Ready Blocking out the Noise Why odds are irrelvant Running Your Race

2022-05-09T23:20:06-05:00May 10, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 610: Soul Tune-Up

The other day I caught up with a my great friend Jorunn from college.  We hadn't spoke in about 15 years and catching up, it was as if no time had passed.  The conversation was a tune-up for my soul that I didn't know I needed, and perhaps we all need a soul tune-up. In this episode, we'll discuss: Needing mindset realignment Ways to tune-up your life Being the soul tune-up for others

2022-05-09T06:45:31-05:00May 9, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 609: Get Lucky

A chance encounter with a random couple at a restaurant last night turned into a conversation on the topic of Luck in our lives. In this episode, we'll discuss: Why you shouldn't rely on luck Avoiding the comparisson trap The Birth Lottery Creating Luck

2022-05-06T08:17:28-05:00May 6, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 608: Too Busy

Do you ever have those days where you're "too busy?" Today's one of those days for me, but as a mentor told me, "There's no such thing as a person that's too busy, there's such thing as a person with poor time management skills. In this episode, we'll discuss: Being proud of a full plate Twofers Flexibility

2022-05-05T06:30:10-05:00May 5, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 607: Bad Energy

I had a couple of things happen early yesterday morning that set a negative tone for my day.  The problem is that I let those events affect my entire day.  That can't happen. In this episode, we'll discuss: Partitioning your Life A Reset Routine IDentifying the source Fix or Contain

2022-05-03T22:11:05-05:00May 4, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 606: Baby Ducks

During a walk this weekend, a lady in a car was pointing at a duck...or so I thought.  When I looked again, I saw the 9 baby ducklings behind the momma duck as she attempted to cross the street.  What happened next taught me a lot about humanity. In this episode, we'll discuss: It takes one to see it Jumping into to action The connectedness of life Don't let curbs stop you

2022-05-03T06:51:25-05:00May 3, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 605: Gifted and Talented

Last week, I had the pleasure of being able to be a "Shark" on a Shark Tank for 4th graders at Pink Elementary in Frisco, TX.  I was blown away at the confidence and preparation of these Gifted and Talented 9 and 10 years olds and learned a few things we can apply to our lives. In this episode, we'll discuss: Biggest Fears and Strongest Powers What the Spotlight Reveals Why it's Ok not to ...

2022-05-01T18:29:07-05:00May 2, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 604: Stop being Perfect

The chase of perfection or the appearance of perfection is most likely inhibiting your growth.  Choose progress over perfection. In this episode, we'll discuss: You can be great without being perfect What they don't tell you about yourself Fix what you can fix but ignore what you can't The danger of filters

2022-04-28T21:55:11-05:00April 29, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 603: Vague Dreams

You know why you aren't seeing your dreams? They are vivid enough.  Let's change that today. In this episode, we'll discuss: Speaking a language YOU understand The danger of Vague High Definition

2022-04-27T20:54:46-05:00April 28, 2022|Podcasts|


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