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Ep. 635: What’s So Funny?

Life is hilarious if you think about it.  There is so much humor in most situations and if we learn to spot the humor, there are physical and mental benefits that can aid in our growth personally and professionally. In this episode, we'll discuss: The health benefits of Laughter Finding your source of laughter The man in the mirror How to insulate yourself from negativity

2022-08-03T12:54:29-05:00August 3, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 634: Do you Believe in You

If you believe in yourself, then you'll never have to say no one believed in you.  Today, I discuss how believing in myself paid off and what you can do to develop that belief muscle. In this episode, we'll discuss: Staying in the Fight Doing whatever it takes Never losing the vision

2022-08-02T10:39:40-05:00August 2, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 633: Great Leader

Welcome back, it's going to be a great fall on Shark Theory, focused on honing our self-leadership skills.  Today I got to revisit Holland Elementary on their first day of school, (the school I got a chance to serve as honorary principal for a day last spring).  I shadowed Principal McDonald and learned a lot. In this episode, we'll discuss: The Mark of Great Leadership The importance of Sweat Promoting Excellence

2022-08-02T09:44:37-05:00August 1, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 632: Good Day

I decided today is going to be a "good" Friday.  Everyday can be.  Today we discuss how. In this episode, we'll discuss: What is a Good Day? The question you should ask yourself The art of Laughter

2022-07-01T08:07:24-05:00July 1, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 631: Gotta Get it Together

On January 1st, most of us set goals.  How are those goals coming along? If you're behind, it's not too late to make 2022 a great year, but we got to get it together. In this episode, we'll discuss: Changing your goal lens Intentionality behind goals Find the recipe Small Tweaks

2022-06-29T22:18:33-05:00June 30, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 630: It’s all about the Putt

In a recent tournament, out of 70 teams, we placed top 5 in golf.  I'm improving and the reaosns behind the success are reasons we can all win in life. In this episode, we'll discuss: Consistent starts vs Big Breaks Keeping the end goal in mind Do what works for you It's all about the Finish

2022-06-28T23:23:25-05:00June 29, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 629: No Politics

I often get asked why I don't discuss political views on this podcast.  The answer is that my job is not to tell you what to think, but rather how to think for yourself and to strengthen your mind to help you stand by what you believe in. In this episode, we'll discuss: Preparing for the storms of life Finding out what you're made of Fixing the holes in your boat How to stay afloat ...

2022-06-27T14:08:33-05:00June 28, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 628: New Fruit

I grew up eating the basic fruits, you know, apples bananas, oranges, and grapes.  Recently at Jimmy's Italin Food Store where I get my morning coffee, i've been trying a host of new fruits i've never heard of and it's given me a new perspective on taking chances in life. In this episode, we'll discuss: Expanding our minds How to try new things Revisiting some things you previously despised

2022-06-27T06:48:39-05:00June 27, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 627: Own the Room

Recently at a speaking engagement for Realtors, I met Reem, who had such positive and magnetic energy that she owned the room. What I learned from her you can apply to own the room wherever you're at. In this episode, we'll discuss: Confidence to Become Magnetic Owning the Room with Authenticity How to be someone people want to be around Putting yourself Out there If you want to see a funny TikTok, check her out ...

2022-06-23T12:07:05-05:00June 24, 2022|Podcasts|

Ep. 626: Put the Goggles On

It's National #TriWeek.  Ten years ago I competed in my first triathlon.  Today I discuss the fear and doubt I had in that first race and what you can learn from my experience to conquer fear in your life. In this episode, we'll discuss: Trusting Your Preparation Putting the Goggles on In Life Controlling Panick The importance of Transition

2022-06-23T05:15:10-05:00June 23, 2022|Podcasts|


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