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Ep. 880: What are the two types of stress and how do they affect us?

  In this episode, Baylor explores the different types of stress and emphasizes the importance of understanding and categorizing stress properly. He encourages gratitude for the challenges we face, while also advocating for setting boundaries and making necessary changes to reduce distress. He provides practical actions to combat stress and promote clarity of thought. Overall, the episode offers valuable insights and strategies for managing stress in a healthy and productive way.

2023-09-27T16:11:30-05:00September 28, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 879: Breaking free from the chains of complacency: Embracing the unknown

In this episode, Baylor discusses the book "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" by Marshall Goldsmith as a resource for understanding the need to develop new skills and perspectives. Baylor explores the reasons behind complacency and fear of success, offering insights and strategies for overcoming these obstacles and embracing personal growth and achievement.

2023-09-27T00:17:40-05:00September 27, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 878: Are you an Asset or Liability?

In this epidose, Baylor discusses the concept of assets and liabilities in business and applies it to one's personal life. He explains the difference between a liability mindset and an asset mindset, highlighting the characteristics of each. Baylor emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with asset-minded people who are dedicated to the team's success.

2023-09-26T08:01:51-05:00September 26, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 877: Pawsitive Vibes: How My New Puppy Brought Joy to a Difficult Anniversary

In this episode, Baylor discusses the difficulty of Sept. 23 as it marks the 4 year anniversary of the murder of his best friend Andre Emmett.  To change the dynamic of the day, his sister got him a baby Australian Shepherd, named Gummy "Bear." Baylorexplores the lessons he has learned from training his new puppy and how they can be applied to life and leadership. He shares the importance of preparation, being observant, and effective ...

2023-09-25T06:55:47-05:00September 25, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 876: Unleashing the Power of True Culture: Insights from Keller Williams Central

In this episode, Baylor discusses a speaking engagement at Keller Williams Central and the lessons he learned about building solid culture from the organization.  He discusses the importance of details and doing the small things well.  Baylor remarks on a conversation he had with an agent about the "good enough" mantra we often tell ourselves and how we can raise the bar.  Finally, Baylor discusses the importance of honoring those who created the path for ...

2023-09-22T07:30:21-05:00September 22, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 875: How can treating yourself prevent burnout and boost productivity?

In this episode, Baylor discusses the importance of treating oneself and avoiding burnout. He uses an example of his sister's dogs and how they respond to the word "treat" as a stimulus to come back inside. Baylor emphasizes the need for individuals to find their own stimuli or treats that can motivate and rejuvenate them. He also highlights the importance of being selfish in order to be selfless, as taking care of oneself enables one ...

2023-09-21T06:27:57-05:00September 21, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 874: The Compliment Conundrum: Why Do We Struggle to Accept Praise?

In this episode, Baylor discusses how individuals can boost their confidence, gain recognition, and open doors to new opportunities. He encourages listeners to find a balance between humility and confidence, and to respond to compliments with gratitude rather than deflecting or downplaying them. Accepting compliments not only validates the person giving the compliment but also positions oneself as someone reliable and capable. Baylor believes that projecting confidence through accepting compliments can lead to positive changes ...

2023-09-19T16:20:09-05:00September 20, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 873: How Can Finding Your ‘National Anthem’ Bring Pride and Gratitude?

In this episode, Baylor shares his experience at a charity golf tournament that benefits troops. He highlights the powerful opening ceremonies, where a 98-year-old veteran, the last surviving member of the Battle of Iwo Jima, leads the national anthem. Baylor reflects on the pride and passion displayed by the veteran and encourages listeners to find their own "national anthem" that fills them with pride and gratitude. He also emphasizes the importance of recognizing the support ...

2023-09-19T06:38:13-05:00September 19, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 872: Why Should We Embrace Challenges and Adversities?

In this podcast, Baylor encourages listeners to approach the upcoming week with a positive mindset. He shares a story about a young boy's perspective on hard work and reflects on the power of naivete and lack of limitations. Baylor emphasizes the importance of questioning why we do certain things and not being afraid to challenge inefficient processes or toxic relationships. He urges listeners to let go of things that weigh them down and focus on ...

2023-09-17T20:55:22-05:00September 18, 2023|Podcasts|

Ep. 871: Unleashing Your Inner Supporter: Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan

In this episode, Baylor discusses the importance of supporting oneself and investing time in personal growth. He questions why people often prioritize supporting others over themselves and encourages listeners to evaluate how they spend their time and energy. Baylor Barbee shares a video of fans waiting in the rain for a Drake concert, using it as an example of how people often prioritize someone else's dreams over their own. He challenges listeners to become the ...

2023-09-14T14:46:13-05:00September 15, 2023|Podcasts|


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