Baylor Barbee discusses his views on the topic of Faith.

September 3, 2014

Fun with Faith Based Priorities

We all like to have fun, and that’s a good thing. However, I’ve noticed, a lot of people are afraid to make “the jump” into total Christianity and giving their life to Christ because they’re afraid they won’t have any fun. Look at God’s favorite people. Noah had to spend […]
August 5, 2014

How to Change the World

When we’re growing up, most of have visions of changing the world, of being that super hero.  As we grow older, we’re faced with real world problems, stresses, and other issues and our mindset change from “change the world” to “save myself.”  News is depressing, and it always seems like […]
June 10, 2013

Pray Moore (Oklahoma Tribute)

I got really emotional this morning for a number of reasons.  One of my Best Friends, John Martin, who is an Oklahoma Native, released a new song called “Pray Moore” dedicated to the tragedies regarding the Recent Tornados in Oklahoma and specifically, Moore, Oklahoma. Watch the short 3 minute video […]
January 7, 2013

The Ultimate Goal

“You have to go to God with Positive Expectations and know there is no limit to what He can Accomplish.” – Brittney Hemberger Happy New Year. Here we are a week into 2013 and by now you may or may not have already forgotten about all of those “resolutions” you […]