Wednesday 26th November 2014,

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The Life Diet


I’ve never really been a fan of dieting. There are thousands of diets out there, high this, low that, restrict this or that, it can be exhausting and confusing to even wrap my head around most of them. But today, I changed my mind. I decided a diet was in [...]

September 22, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog, Motivation 0

Fun with Faith Based Priorities


We all like to have fun, and that’s a good thing. However, I’ve noticed, a lot of people are afraid to make “the jump” into total Christianity and giving their life to Christ because they’re afraid they won’t have any fun. Look at God’s favorite people. Noah had to spend [...]

September 3, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog, Faith 0

An Open Letter to Teachers and Educators


It’s that time of the year again.  Your summer has officially come to a close and you’re no doubt in the process of getting your room together, going over protocol and expectations in your various schools and the countless other tasks you must complete before students start back shortly. I [...]

August 13, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog 2

Excellence over Success


Excellence over Success Every once in a while I come across a quote that instills a paradigm shift in this already-motivated mind of mine.  My Dad sent me this quote this morning. “Success bases our worth on a comparison with others.  Excellence gauges our values by measuring us against our [...]

August 12, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog 0

How to Change the World


When we’re growing up, most of have visions of changing the world, of being that super hero.  As we grow older, we’re faced with real world problems, stresses, and other issues and our mindset change from “change the world” to “save myself.”  News is depressing, and it always seems like [...]

August 5, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog, Faith 0

Dear You

broken mirror

Dear You, I feel like I can’t even say your name right now, because I’m so hurt by what you’ve become. I feel like I don’t even know you anymore. After all these years together, i thought you would have matured in the way you treat me and be more [...]

July 29, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog, Life, Motivation 0

Photoshop Life


Photoshop is used heavily in the print industry to alter photographs and enhance images. It is used on magazine covers to make models appear flawless and skinny in order to give the reader a feeling of inferiority, which the magazines then give you product advertisements to help you “look flawless [...]

July 22, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog 0

Beauty of a New Day


Someone recently asked me what I thought was the single greatest thing about being an entrepreneur.  I’ve never been asked that before so it made me think.  At first I thought maybe it’s the fact that I answer to no one.  Maybe it’s the fact I get to write my [...]

July 15, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog 0

Searching for Better Days


There is a time for everything under the sun; Solomon tells us that in Ecclesiastes. We understand in life that both good and bad things will happen to us; there will be great days and days of grief. That is a fact. To often we spend much of our lives [...]

April 16, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog, Life 0

Lessons from Flappy Bird

Life Lessons from Flappy Bird

If you’re like millions of people around the world, you’ve undoubtedly been caught up recently in the “Flappy Bird” craze.  This simplistic game on iOS and Android involves a bird that you maneuver through gaps of pipes… over and over…. until you die.  That’s it. The graphics, circa 1980’s, resemble that [...]

February 17, 2014 Baylor Barbee Blog 0