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March 11, 2015

Need for Speed

It’s often said that great leaders don’t lead from the front; rather, that they sometimes get behind and push from the back. That’s a great idea in theory, but have you ever stopped to think that the devil does the same thing? Many of us go through life thinking the […]
March 10, 2015

Lessons from the Notorious BIG

Yesterday marked the 18th anniversary of the death of legendary hip-hop artist, the Notorious B.I.G.  Biggie made such a lasting impact on pop culture that even those that aren’t hip-hop fans have most likely heard of him. Some may have classified him, as a “gangster” rapper, but regardless of what label […]
March 9, 2015

Beauty in Failure

I am a sore loser.  I absolutely hate to lose, at anything, no matter how big or small.  I’m the type to race my teacup yorkie to the mailbox and congratulate myself on a victory.  That’s how much I love to win. I hate to lose.  Losing to me is failure and […]
March 5, 2015

Life is not a Race

Most of us have a fascination with speed. We love watching the insanely fast Usain Bolt break world records. We admire young business minds that quickly rise to the top of the Forbes list.  We worship pop singers and their music releases that skyrocket up the charts. And our jaws drop […]