Day 39 – Nightmare Travel Day

Sometimes things are just beyond your control; today was one of those days.  What started as a good flight out of Boston to Houston on a connecting flight, turned into a 24 hour ordeal.  Shortly before leaving Houston to get back to Dallas in the morning, the morning flights were cancelled due to weather in Dallas. I got a chance to see my niece and nephew briefly before my afternoon flight.  In my mind, I would be home for my [...]

Day 38 – Sister’s Harvard Graduation

First of all, Congratulations to my sister on her graduation from Harvard University with a Master’s Degree in Management.  I got in to Boston late and had to be up early to make it to graduation.  A few days ago I talked about the importance of Walking for exercise… needless to say, I walked all day.  I would love to say I planned that as part of my workout, but turns out the GPS on my iPhone doesn’t recognize [...]

Day 37 – Workouts on Travel Days

I’m back at it after yesterday’s cramping episode.  I’m back to using my Salt Stick which has kept me from cramping for the last 4 years in my endurance races.  I usually use them when it’s hot, but I have to start earlier this year. Today just called for a 5.5-mile easy run. It was refreshing to get a morning run in before I fly out to Boston.  I’ll be in Boston for a few days for my sister’s graduation [...]

Day 36 – Leg Cramps and Brussel Sprouts

Must…Drink…More…Water.  I learned that valuable lesson today.  I spent a lot of time last week at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament and consequently didn’t consume my normal gallon of water per day.  Monday was an off day spent in the studio and working on various ventures that I’ll release soon.  I say that to say this; Tuesdays workout – I was not hydrated for and it caught up to me. My swim went well but then I headed to the [...]

Day 35 – The Importance of Monday

If you’ve been following along then you know that Monday is my “off day.” I’m increasingly loving Mondays, not because of the much needed rest, but because it allows me to get a lot of work done and set the tone for a winning week. Yesterday I tweeted, “win on Mondays.”  It’s the mindset you have to have in order to be successful and remain that way.  How many times have you had “a case of the Mondays?” Many people [...]

Day 34 – Find a way to Finish

I knew weekend workouts were tough and I know the mileage was supposed to increase this week but WOW.  A 9 mile run followed by a 1700-meter swim!  I almost laughed when I saw the workout.  I laughed at myself even more for agreeing to add the 6 days a week weights workout to my routine to get “more workout” in, joke is on me right? Even worse is I waited until the evening to workout, but you don’t’ get [...]

Day 33 – Walk it Out

I didn’t get to get my 40-mile bike ride in or my regularly scheduled Saturday morning basketball game, but I found a way to get a workout in.  Walking.  Seems so simple, yet so effective. I’ve always used my athletic watches for training and races only.  Yesterday, I had my Garmin 920xt, which I’ve named Ronnie D. Watch.  I’ve never really looked at the “steps” I’ve taken because I get plenty of exercise during my workouts, but yesterday evening I [...]

Day 32 – Happy Hour and Super Heroes

Due to some speaking commitments I didn’t get my workout in early on Friday as I had hoped.  I didn’t get it in until “Happy Hour” time on Friday.  As I headed to the gym for a run and some heavy weights, I saw all of the patios filled with people at Happy Hour. This isn’t an attack on happy hour or alcohol, it’s an observation on priorities. So many of us get caught in a routine and never ask [...]

Day 31 – Stronger and Leaner

The beauty of today’s workout was that I got the opportunity to realize how much stronger and leaner I’ve become… by playing basketball.  I got a chance to play in a 6am basketball game and was absolutely unstoppable. I played with a group of guys I haven’t played with in a month or two and they noticed the difference. Though I haven’t yet “seen any changes,” they are there.  Isn’t that how life is though? Change happens before we ever [...]

Day 30 – One Month Recap

Time flies by when you’re having fun and it definitely flies when you’re working hard.  Today I realized it’s been one month of this commitment toward being a better me, a commitment toward Ironman, and a commitment towards qualifying for national championship (well the last part is new but you know what I mean.) If you’ve followed this blog over the past month, I hope you’ve seen the changes in my mindset and more importantly, I hope it has inspired [...]