Day 16 – Disappointment and No Sleep

Disappointment.  It’s the only word I have to describe today.  I knew there would be ups and downs while In Transition, but you always hate to see the downs.  I just didn’t have it in me today.  The Pilates from yesterday had muscles sore on me today that I didn’t even know I had.  While I’m thankful that it worked new muscle groups, it made my day start off uber sore. I was sluggish and the day didn’t improve [...]

Day 15 – Introducing Pilates

I spent a lot of time on my off day looking at swimming YouTube videos.  I picked up some valuable pointers.  The main points were a) RELAX and b) swimming is about your core not your arms.  Doesn’t make sense to say, but when you learn that the power of swimming comes from your core, it makes a huge difference. I tried to apply what I learned and WAALAHH, I swam well!  I swam a mile in 38 minutes, which [...]

Day 14 – Rest and Reflection

I woke up feeling absolutely horrible, not in a sick sort of way, but in a “wow I definitely need today’s rest day,” sort of way.  I’m learning very quickly how important proper rest and recovery is.  As I mentioned last week, I use Monday’s off day as a chance to get ahead in my other ventures.  I’m finishing up my new book so I spent the whole day researching for it and watching some documentaries to support some [...]

Day 13 – MapMyRun & a Foggy Swim

Today’s workout was a huge test.  A seven-mile endurance run followed by 1250 meters in the pool.  My legs are a little heavy from the 30-mile bike yesterday but I hit the street running before I had a chance to realize how tired I was, trying to get both workouts in before church. You never really realize how far a mile is until you run it.  I laughed to myself thinking about how far things seem when you’re driving in [...]

Day 12 – Active Saturday

What a day.  Started off the day with an intense hour and a half of basketball, (something I do every Saturday morning when I’m in town).  I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or what, but I feel a lot stronger and more explosive in basketball from these ironman workouts. Perhaps I’m just in better shape already, but in any case, I played noticeably better. Afterwards, I had a whole lot of crawfish.  I’m not sure if crawfish are [...]

Day 11 – Procrastination and Peace

GET YOUR WORKOUT DONE EARLY, BAYLOR! I have to remind myself of that.  I don’t know why I think that I have time to do it later in the day.  As an entrepreneur and speaker, after about 10 am, every day is different, so it’s important to work out early to maintain consistency. Today I did not do that.  I had the opportunity to speak at high school about an hour away so I was out of the house at [...]

Day 10 – Traveling Eating Habits

I was on the road all day today to I didn’t get a chance to start my work out until later in the afternoon.  One thing I’m becoming more aware of is what I eat on travel days.  Whereas I Used to grab a hot dog or whatever the convenient store had, I’m now bringing my own fruit and assorted walnuts and almonds.  It makes a huge difference in the calories consumed.  This afternoon I finally got a chance [...]

Day 9 – Run, Duck, Goose

Back to another “easy run,” like last week.  The one thing I like about this workout is that it’s not fancy, a lot of the same which is good because you get to compete against what you did last week.  I had a 5 miler today.  As soon as I started run, the excuses hit my mind.  “It’s hot,” “wow, it’s exceptionally windy,” “hmm maybe my knees hurt,” and every other excuse I could think of while I trudged [...]

Day 8 – Swim, Bike, Audible

Back at it to start week 2.  I’m slowly starting to notice my mindset change.  It’s really no longer about doing workouts because I need to, now I want to.  When you change from an “I have to” to an “I get to” mindset, you get better results. Currently I’d rate my performance on the bike as decent, my run is subpar and my swim… atrocious.  Currently. I start off great in the water.  For about 75 yards I feel [...]

Day 7 – The Hardest Exercise all Week

Today is my favorite day on the training calendar – REST DAY!  Most triathlons are on Sunday’s so Monday is the recovery day for most triathletes.  This works out great for me as it gives me a chance to get caught up or get ahead on my various initiatives. The only downside of not working out is that you have to be extremely disciplined in your eating.  In most workouts this past week I’ve burned 800-1300 calories per workout.  I [...]