Day 71 – Faith over Fear

My new goal for the week is to knock out 100 pushups consecutively.  I don’t know how Herschel Walker does 1500-3500 a day, seems like it’d take all day.  I know I’ve spoken about him for a few days but it still baffles me at his level of dedication. I’ve become obsessed with looking at the workout and eating habits of world class athletes.  If you want to be the best, you have to know what the best is doing.  [...]

Day 70 – Pilates

I forgot how much I loved Pilates.  I used to laugh at it, I used to think it was the same thing as yoga.  Boy was I wrong.  I’ve started an intensive Pilates routine while I’m healing.  Pilates quickly shows you that you lack muscle endurance by working muscles and places you have never worked before. At the end of the day, I was already sore from the morning workout.  I don’t know who invented the reformer machine, but it’s [...]

Day 69 – The Word FIGHT

The word FIGHT has been heavy on my mind lately.  I see it everywhere.  Not a traditional boxing match or UFC fight, I’m talking about a fight for life.  A fight for dreams. A fight for legacy. Last week I talked about the movie independence day and its slogan “Fit to fight.”  Yesterday I saw a sermon by TD Jakes called “Fit for the Fight.”  Same concept.  We are always in a battle.  Spiritual, Financial, Career, whatever it may be, [...]

Day 68 – Water Aerobics

I used to laugh at the thought of "water aerobics," that is until I had two fractures in my ankle and was desperately looking for ways to exercise.  While swimming the other day I saw a water aerobics class, and though I didn't join, I watched. When I got home I started looking at all the various exercises that people do in the pool.  Believe it or not some of them are tough.  But more importantly, they allow you to [...]

Day 67 – Pushups and Juicing

The other day I told ya'll I was inspired by Herschel Walker's workout routine and have decided to get great at push-ups.  I'm nowhere near as good as him, i've got a long way to go.  However, I am enjoying the challenge of improving on pushups and (recently added) pull-ups.  I watched a lot of youtube videos of people in parks and random places doing really cool pull-ups exhibitions, I want to do that.  haha.  It's the little goals [...]

Day 66 – Hairline Fracture

Well I had my foot and ankle looked at again.  I have two small hairline fractures, which isn’t good obviously.  That was a bummer for sure, I didn’t get to work out because of it, but as usual when I can’t workout, I make sure I eat well. I’m also making sure I eat all my meals.  I typically get to busy and forget to eat.  I’m trying to learn to slow down and eat my meals.  A large part [...]

Day 65 – Fit to Fight

I grew up loving the movie “Independence Day.” I was excited when I saw the new version comes out this Friday.  As I looked at the trailers, I loved the theme – Fit to Fight. Isn’t that a great concept in life? Shouldn’t we all be fit to fight? My college football coach used to say, “Stay ready and you don’t have to get ready.”  That’s always stuck with me.  I apply that philosophy now.  Yes, I train for specific [...]

Day 64 – Disciplined Pushups

You know what’s hard? Pushups.  Perfect Pushups to be more clear.  I was reading an article on Herschel Walker, legendary Running Back from the Dallas Cowboys, and his workout routine.  He’s never lifted a weight in his life, but at the age of 54 is still in better shape than most people half his age – literally. He could probably still compete at a high level. His workout routine is as follows – in addition to cardio he does 3500 [...]

Day 63 – Don’t celebrate too long

Yesterday, I was still riding the high of the Cleveland Cavalier’s Championship.  While I was on the bike though, I thought about some things.  I watched interviews of Golden State Warriors after the game and the next morning and how hurt they were.  They were classy in their interviews but they kept talking about being motivated and fueled by defeat. It hit me, while you’re celebrating, someone is working to dethrone you. Moral of the story, don’t celebrate too long.  When [...]

Day 62 – Championship Thoughts

What a game last night! I’m a huge Lebron James fan so I’m on cloud 9.  Yes, I’m thrilled about the win but I’m even more inspired by something else.  I’m inspired by what he means to Cleveland and how he’s brought the whole city together.  That’s what inspires me. Lebron and the Cavs one because they truly were playing for the city of Cleveland.  They had purpose.  It wasn’t just about basketball, it was about a legacy, it was [...]