About Baylor


With a passion for peak performance and the role that excellence plays in professional development, Baylor Barbee is a sought-after motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas.

Barbee earned a full athletic football scholarship from Baylor University. Upon lettering in football, he completed double majors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Because of his passion for education, Barbee furthered his academic pursuits by earning a Master’s Degree in Education – Sports Management.

As a best-selling author, his writings cover topics including overcoming depression, relationships, and maximizing performance in all aspects of life. His latest work, Idea of Excellence, serves as a road map for professionals on their journey to finding corporate success and fulfillment.

Barbee’s philosophy in life is solidly rooted in the belief that sustainable achievement can only come from an unwavering commitment to performance. Mile 19 is an innovative social platform established with the sole purpose of overcoming life’s obstacles and crossing one’s finish line.

Barbee regularly competes as an Ironman Triathlete and marathoner in caused-based endurance races with a mission of bringing awareness to his many philanthropic endeavors. Always looking to make an impact, Baylor began participating in triathlons as a way to improve his own health and fitness levels, but to also inspire and encourage others to set their goals high and believe anything is possible.